Monday, September 13, 2004


Outright sycophancy #2

Al Hunt and Mark Shields seem to have lost their appreciation of "nuance" over the past week. Seems they can't differentiate between protecting the confidentiality of a source and covering up the actions of a hoaxer.

Can anyone imagine Al Hunt NOT rushing to print with the name of a Swift Boat Vet who gave him fraudulent information incriminating Kerry? Can anyone conceive of Mark Shields defending a person who gave him fake documents describing Kerry's Purple Heart circumstances in a less-than-favorable light?

Of course not. That's why they're part of the dinosaur media.

Sycophancy and nothing more...

The Cincinnati Post has posted an editorial that simply defies all sense of proportionality. Somehow, the folks at the Post have managed to completely disregard everything that has been said and documented by the Swifties, yet focus laser-like on the undeniably phony memos concerning Bush's ANG service.

The mainstream media really are doing themselves in.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Interesting bit of nostalgia...

News: "Born Before 1986? Then You Are..."

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