Sunday, August 01, 2004


America! Love it, or Shove it!

Colin McNickle shoves back in today's column, reminding readers that he never did get an answer to the question he posed to Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, and recounting a few instances where Kerry supporters heaped scorn on him.

Of course, the story isn't really about what McNickle, or Heinz-Kerry, or what she said to the man. The truth is, it's about the horror that liberals experience when their patriotism is called into question. But, rather than try to demonstrate their patriotism in some way -- such as listing some of the things they've done in their lives to show their love of country, or recounting some tale of how they've been touched by the American Experience, they immediately bewail "the atmosphere". Rather than simply list the things they love about America, the accuse conservatives of wrapping themselves in the flag that belongs to us all.

And, it's a sad day when Democrats make this phenomenon a key part of their message to the country. It seems their message is, "No matter what anyone says or does, their patriotism is above question". Whether you're in Europe giving speeches in which you tick off the ways in which the American public are stupid and inferior, or in Hussein-era Baghdad calling into question the motives of the President of the United States, people have no right to ask you the significance of your actions, or the meaning of your words.

Liberals like Michael Moore, Jim McDermott, and David Bonior assert that they "love this country" with all the conviction of a Baptist minister praising Jesus. But, the fact is, they're pretty ambivalent toward the America in which they exist. What they love is the America they envision. And, if by some chance they ever achieve that America, they will be free to call my patriotism into question, because that will be an America in which I will no longer believe.

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