Sunday, August 01, 2004


A Return to Blogdom

After well over a year of inactivity, I've decided I might as well get back into blogging. Why I drifted away is a bit of a mystery even to me, but one key reason has to do with hit counts. My first go-round started off well enough. I was blogging fairly regularly, if not daily, and coming up with some decent material on occasion. Then, for some reason, I found myself worrying about the number of hits I was getting.

Why? Ego, I suppose. It's nice to check your stats and see that someone out there actually went to the trouble of clicking on your link, just to read what you have to say. And, there for a while, I was piling hundreds of hits per day.

Then, it occurred to me. "What if I write something utterly moronic? What if all these people start expecting me to be cogent and relevant everyday??"

Of course, that would assume that I was cogent or relevant to begin with -- a pretty big stretch.

Still, lately I've found myself with a hankering to jump back in. And, goes.

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