Sunday, August 01, 2004


Samuel Johnson III

Tonight, I've been experiencing a bit of internet nostalgia, recalling the days when I surfed the 'net with a blazingly fast 28.8K modem on a P-75 with 8 MB of RAM. Back then, before web-based bulletin boards and blogs were popular, there were (and still are) newsgroups. That's where I honed my internet debating skills and learned how to insult complete strangers. It's also where I found some of the most side-splittingly funny writing I've ever witnessed.

Some UseNet denizens out there may already be familiar with him, but for those who've never heard of the guy, check out the newsgroup postings of one Samuel Johnson III. It's some of the most strangely hilarious stuff I've ever read in my life. I've never been able to confirm whether the hilarity is intentional, or not. And, frankly, to find out would be something like learning the true identity of Santa Claus.

But be warned...some of the posts appear in some less than family friendly newsgroups. So, click at your own risk.

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